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Reaching Ultima Frontiera is already an adventure on its own; situated at more than 80 kilometres from the city ofTulcea and not connected by any road, you can only reach it by boat along the Danube river. An exciting trip that will enable you to enter one of the greatest wetland in Europe, and to discover its flooded woods, small picturesque villages and an astonishing amount of birds. An experience which, differently from the usual cruise tours, we describe as unique because it allows you to explore huge areas both in small boats and in comfortable 4x4 vehicles. This is a place where not only you can relax in perfect tranquillity, but where every visitor can explore on his own a vast area using small electric vehicles available at the lodge.


The property around the hotel, during the communist regime, hosted a prison camp, subsequently turned into a fish farm; this troublesome past has given the area a peculiar aspect characterized by polygon shaped water bodies and basins, as well as by the presence of picturesque ruins and old buildings, now immersed in the natural vegetation and offering shelter to little owls, rollers and wildcats.This is one of the peculiar features of this place, theunequivocalpredominanceofnature,fromthehowlingof thejackals at dinner time, to the frenetic activity of the hoopoes in the yard, from the nocturnal concert of the tree frogs, to the brawls among the grey headed woodpeckers on the thatched roof of the hotel: simply a unique place. Only 12 visitors at a time are allowed to stay inside the estate, and therefore the network of over 30 kilometres of trails are at their exclusive disposal, to be explored on foot or on board the silent electric cars.

The photo opportunities you can find in Ultima Frontiera are endless: each hide is focused on some target species, but the area is so exceptional that surprises arrive on a daily basis. A wildcat may appear on the edge of a drinking spot, black or grey headed woodpeckers may choose to drum on the trees where white tailed eagles usually perch, or the whiskered face of an otter may emerge close to pigmy cormorants and Ferruginous ducks in front of a waterside hide.The large mirrored windows will allow not to loose any of these scenes, ensuring the chance of trying inventive flying shots of even the more wary raptor.

A wide range of photo hides of the latest generation give nature photographers a chance to test themselves with a multitude of different subjects, and perspectives being everytime in a new habitat and setting; form floating hides at water level, to drinking hides for woodpeckers and the dune-hide for white tailed eagles.Wide windows with very high-quality glasses and soundproof walls allow to observe the wildlife in an innovative way, reducing the disturbance to a minimum and ensuring the best naturalness in the animals‘ behaviour.Additionally,there are excursions on off road vehicles, to explore the surrounding steppes and the Letea forest, a Biosphere Reserve, as well as boat rides on an innovative boat-hide for visiting the big lakes in the heart of the delta.



Ultima Frontiera is the best site in Europe for observing and photographing the Golden Jackal. It’s an afro-asiatic species, reaching also eastern Europe, that is expanding towards western and northern Europe, having already reached

Italy, Germany and Switzerland. Golden Jackals are regularly seen from our hides, and it’s not rare to see them interacting with White tailed Eagles: it’s not easy to predict who will win during such battles, and therefore everytime it’s a different situation, and witnessing these scenes leaves you open-mouthed.

230 bird species have been recorded so far inside the property:fromSmews,Rough-leggedBuzzardsand Great Grey Shrikes in winter, to Red-breasted Geese, White-wingedTerns and Red-breasted Flycatchers during migration, to 90 breeding species like Red-footed Falcon, Thrush Nightingale, Black, Grey-headed, Lesser Spotted and Great Spotted, Syrian Woodpecker, Bearded Reedlings, Moustached and Paddyfield Warbler. Pelicans, Black-necked and Red-breasted Grebes and Black and Whiskered Terns, Collared Pratincoles and Avocets in lakes and salty steppes, Great Black-headed Gulls and SandwichTerns along the Black Sea.


The property hosts damselflies and dragonflies belonging to over 30 different species: particularly rare and interesting are Dark Spreadwing, River Clubtail and Black Pennant, but more common ones are stunningly abundant, especially during the days when adults emerge and start flying. Less numerous are the butterflies, with around 35 species recorded so far, among which Large Copper,Yellow-leggedTortoishell and Large Chequered Skipper. Some large moths are present, like Giant Peacock Moth and French Red Underwing, as well as large beetles like Rhinoceros Beetle and Anoxia orientalis; Empusa pennicornis is a real gem.



A unique atmosphere with the comfort of a 4-stars hotel: large rooms with satellite tv and large en-suite bathrooms; a restaurant with outside terrace where you can have dinner enjoying wonderful sunsets; free wireless internet connection available everywhere inside the hotel;


1000 Hectares

30 Photo hides

N° max clients each year

300 peoples

Opening period

15 april - 30 september 2016


4-stars hotel: large rooms with satellite tv and large en-suite bathrooms; a restaurant with outside ter- race; free wireless internet connection.



Danube Delta - Dobrogea - Romania








Being mostly located in biodiversity hot spots and in quite remote areas, our reserves are also wonderful locations for nature and cultural reportages and documentaries. Our team will support you for logistic and organizational matters to let you focus only on the creation of the product.

Everyday we post on our social networks images taken by our hide-keepers and clients from the several international reserves included in the Network, but in these websites is indeed difficult to keep track and see the older ones. To give you a complete and updated overview we archive the best pictures in our photo gallery.

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