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SKUA is growing faster than the advance of our digital communication.

But we are working hard to make you know all the details of all the projects we are developing.


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In SKUA we believe in the extraordinary value that nature represents, and our challenge has always been considering it also an economic value. Nature as an inspiration, as a business model, as a holistic focus, as an opportunity.


Our intention is to sensitize the society, make it understand that alive Nature has more value than dead Nature, that it is the environment in which we develop the totality of our lives and if we do not achieve keeping it safe, we will neither be.


Our network of activities, represents a global project that, thanks to specific technical abilities, alternative commercial visions, knowledge, passion and a team united by real motivations, is able to create or restore ideal natural spaces for the developing of sustainable natural tourism that produces an economic and positive impact in the territory and allow the development of the necessary conservation actions.

"A new way to enjoy the nature"


Through the management of the numerous nature reserves, we plan, develop and activate dedicated actions to conservation and biodiversity studies, using funds of natural tourism activities, observational hides, birdwatching and photographic excursions, in collaboration with public or private organizations of all the World. 

We have added to our 5 reserves managed currently, which are Ultima Frontiera (Romania), Iberia and Italy, the Wild Baltics (Latvia) and Wild Arctic (Norway) reserve. Moreover, we have been working on the development of different natural interpretation centres in varied countries.


In SKUA we have the goal to make arrive our mission to the largest possible number of people, that is why SKUA Nature Magazine is born.

An international magazine that will see the light soon, and we are sure that will give a lot to talk about.


We will keep informing you!


Along our history, in SKUA we have developed and improved numerous naturalistic engineering and technical consultancy in different countries around the World.

Thanks to the hide construction closed spaces equipped for nature photography-, we have created a continuous growth of the sustainable relationships between nature and human activities, developing a business model able to value the territory and provide the necessary resources to transform it in a protected and self-sufficient microcosmos.


Thanks to the acquisition of Ornitholidays, the World’s oldest and dedicated birdwatching tour operator, in SKUA Nature Group we want to offer our clients a 360 service to make your holiday unique and unforgettable.


The Ornitholidays experience in the organization of the trip, added to the knowledge and specialization of SKUA in nature tourism, offers the possibility to create a unique project in the World.


SKUA Masterclass offers a new concept of photographic formation based on the principles of coexistence, internationality and exchange of experiences.

A modern photography academy that offers the possibility to participate in formations designed to combine the experience of internationally awarded and recognized teachers with the specific features of the different hosting environments.

A project, that based on the fundamental mission of SKUA, intends to go a step further, investing in children and adults formation through courses of approaching and discovering nature, environmental conservation, naturalistic and anthropologic photography, which allows us to start building from the beginning.


In the Varanger, located in Northern Norway, surrounded by nature and with the Barents Sea bathing its coasts, the Kongsfjord Guesthouse offers exceptional scenery for nature tourism. A privileged place for birdwatching and nature photography.

The Kongsfjord Guesthouse pretends to be more than a simple historical lodge, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and wildlife. It is also a land to live a unique experience, where activities and experiences in which we are working will make this place, a geographical point of reference in the Arctic Polar Circle.

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