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-   without money is only  -


This famous slogan for us is an invitation to face a challenge.

What we want to achieve is to give an economic value to nature in order to make everyone aware that a flowering meadow full of butterflies and orchids is worth more than a parking lot or than an industrial warehouse.

When Skua was launched in 2008 we would have never thought to create, in a matter of a few years, a really unique project. We haven’t discovered anything new actually; there are dozens of reserve networks run by institutions or associations, but so far no one had really created a common denominator which could link even extremely different areas, which differ in terms of management and strategic targets. Landowners, conservation associations, public institutions, wide protected areas and local companies, are working together with us for the creation of a new concept of nature tourism. The road we’veundertaken and the road ahead, is excitingbut not easy; different visions and priorities, different countries with varied cultures and habits, are only a few of the challenges we have to face on our daily life, in order to keep the control of the project and guarantee that every area is run and developed with the same technical and quality standards. But the results obtained suggest us that we have found the right key.

The INNATE network, whith his hides, is the first step of global scale project, whose aim is to prove that with the right technical skills, business vision, knowledge, passion and a special team, it is possible to create or restore natural areas for nature tourism, which areable to sustain themselves, producingapositive economic impact in the local territories and then be able to support conservation actions too.All of this without, of course causingeven a minimal disturbance to habitats and species... Anutopia? Come andvisit one or more of our reserves and you will find yourself immersed in an extremely real world, tailor-made for you, where to relax and indulgeyour passion. Each new client is for us a precious detail in order to prove that the natural richness, if well managed, can become a resource and be preserved for the future.



INNATE Network

International Nature Estate is a network of exclusive natural reserves equipped for nature and photographic tourism.


Developing areas on 3 continents, designing more than 100 photographic hides to observe more than 400 animal species including birds and mammals!

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Arrived at the third generation of adventurers, it has been dealing with naturalistic expeditions all over the world for 55 years.


The first Tour Operator in the world to devote himself specifically to naturalistic tourism.




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